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Id#: 1324051
OneForma presents a new onsite project, SWAN, taking place in our Barcelona offices.
Participants must complete 8 sessions, spread over 6 weeks, and complete some simple tasks involving a smartphone. The tasks include making calls, texting, etc.
The requirements are the following:
- Must be 18+.
- Must be a native speaker of English (US, UK, AU, CA), Spanish (ES), German, French (FR), Italian, Turkish or Arabic.
- Must be based in or around Barcelona and be able to come to our offices, located in Carrer Diputacio 119, 08015, Barcelona.
- Must have an iPhone with iOS 15 or later.
- Must complete a survey in order to be considered.
The rate for the completion of the project is $450.
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#Id: 1324051
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Publicado: 04/05/2023 14:17
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